STZ Token

STZ Token

The STZ token is designed to be a value-driven exchange mechanism for players sharing rewards, renting gaming assets from the 99Starz NFT vault, or learning through the 99Starz academy. The total supply of STZ tokens is 99 million – no more will ever be minted.

STZ Token Utility:


STZ token is the gateway to the 99Starz NFT vault. All assets that are needed to participate in blockchain play-to-earn games through 99Starz will be rented using the STZ token.


STZ token allows the participation in the 99Starz yield ecosystem. Where Masters, Captains & Players are rewarded STZ tokens for their performance & skill in play-to-earn gaming, accelerating learning through gaming guild creation.


STZ is the fastest way to level-up your game knowledge by accessing a library of tutorials, game specialists and community forums that will help you maximize your returns.


The STZ token holders will have access to exclusive NFTs than can only be obtained through 99Starz and STZ.